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Are you someone who enjoys spicing up your love life with adult toys and accessories? If so, you’re not alone! A recent study showed that over 50% of adults in the United States have used sex toys in their lifetime. However, with the growing popularity of online shopping, there’s always the fear of receiving a package that screams “ADULT TOYS” for the entire neighborhood to see. That’s why today we’ll be discussing whether or not Adam and Eve, one of the most popular online adult toy retailers, has discreet packaging. Keep reading to find out how Adam and Eve has gone above and beyond to ensure your privacy and make your online shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.


When it comes to purchasing adult products, people often prefer to keep their purchases discreet. This is especially true for items that might be considered taboo or controversial, like sex toys or lingerie. The last thing anyone wants is for their neighbors or family members to accidentally stumble upon their latest purchase.

One popular brand for adult products is Adam and Eve. Known for their wide selection of erotic items, Adam and Eve has become a go-to for many people looking to spice up their sex lives. But with such a well-known brand, many people wonder if Adam and Eve offers discreet packaging. In this article, we’ll explore the answer to that question and more.

What is Discreet Packaging?

Before we dive into whether or not Adam and Eve offers discreet packaging, let’s first define what that term means. Discreet packaging refers to the practice of shipping products in plain, unmarked packages that do not reveal the contents inside. This is done to protect the privacy of the person ordering the product and to prevent anyone from knowing what was purchased.

Does Adam and Eve Offer Discreet Packaging?

The short answer is yes, Adam and Eve offers discreet packaging. When you order from their website, all products are shipped in plain, unmarked packaging that does not reveal the contents inside. This means that even if someone were to intercept your package, they would have no idea what was inside.

What Does Adam and Eve’s Discreet Packaging Look Like?

While we know that Adam and Eve’s packaging is discreet, what does it actually look like? According to their website, all packages are shipped in plain brown boxes or padded envelopes. There are no logos or markings on the outside of the package that would indicate the contents inside.

How Is the Labeling Done?

In addition to the plain packaging, Adam and Eve also takes care to ensure that the labeling on the package is discreet. The return address on the package simply says “Adam and Eve” with no additional information. This means that even if the package were to accidentally end up in the wrong hands, the recipient would have no idea what was inside or where it came from.

Are There Any Exceptions?

While Adam and Eve strives to keep all packaging discreet, there may be some exceptions. For example, some items may be too large or bulky to fit in a standard box or envelope. In these cases, the package may have some markings or labels indicating that it contains an adult product.

Additionally, some states have specific laws regarding the labeling of adult products. In these cases, Adam and Eve may be required to include certain information on the package, such as a notice that the product is for adults only.


When it comes to purchasing adult products, privacy is key. Fortunately, Adam and Eve understands this and offers discreet packaging for all of their products. With plain, unmarked packaging and discreet labeling, customers can rest assured that their purchases will remain private. Whether you’re looking for a new sex toy or some sexy lingerie, Adam and Eve has you covered with discreet packaging.
In addition to offering discreet packaging, Adam and Eve also takes privacy seriously in other ways. Their website is secure and encrypted, ensuring that any personal information entered during the purchasing process is kept confidential. They also offer the option to pay with PayPal or a prepaid gift card, which can add an extra layer of privacy for customers.

Another benefit of purchasing from Adam and Eve is their extensive selection of products. They offer everything from vibrators and dildos to lingerie and bondage gear. With such a wide variety of options, customers can find exactly what they’re looking for without having to shop at multiple stores or websites.

Adam and Eve also offers discreet shipping for international orders, although the packaging may vary slightly depending on the destination country. They have a helpful guide on their website that outlines the specific packaging requirements for different countries, so customers can be sure that their purchases will arrive safely and discreetly.

Overall, Adam and Eve is a reliable and discreet option for anyone looking to purchase adult products. With plain packaging, discreet labeling, and a secure website, customers can feel confident in their privacy and enjoy their purchases without worry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adam and Eve have discreet packaging?

Yes, Adam and Eve offers discreet packaging for all of their products. Their packages do not display the company’s name or logo, ensuring complete privacy for customers.

What payment methods does Adam and Eve accept?

Adam and Eve accepts various payment methods, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, and gift cards. They also offer a billing option that allows customers to pay for their purchase in installments.

What is Adam and Eve’s return policy?

Adam and Eve has a 90-day return policy for all products, except for adult DVDs. If a product is defective or does not meet the customer’s expectations, they can return it for a full refund or exchange.

Does Adam and Eve offer free shipping?

Yes, Adam and Eve offers free standard shipping on orders over $59. They also offer expedited shipping options for an additional fee.

Key Takeaways

  • Adam and Eve offers discreet packaging for all products.
  • Payment methods accepted include credit and debit cards, PayPal, and gift cards.
  • Adam and Eve has a 90-day return policy for all products.
  • Free standard shipping is available on orders over $59.


Adam and Eve is a popular online retailer for adult products that offers discreet packaging, multiple payment methods, and a generous return policy. Customers can enjoy free standard shipping on orders over $59, making it a convenient and affordable option for purchasing adult products.

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